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Taking all of you into account!

You’re a multi-faced being – let’s not forget that!

So, you want to exercise your creativity freely. You want to afford it the room it needs to grow – to nourish it, to let it breathe. You want to respond to the challenges life throws at you with authenticity and integrity – to allow your essential self to meet those challenges with fierce enthusiasm. You want to make a real contribution to the world – to your community, your environment – to the people in your life and those that you’re still to meet.

…Yet, for all of this, you recognise that passion and imagination alone won’t get the job done. You need structure and stability – the capacity to plan and carry out complex tasks in a dynamic and efficient manner – but how do you achieve all that without constraining your intuition? Well, I know how you feel – it can be a tough nut to crack – but thankfully I have some experience in this area, and The Ethical Organiser was conceived specifically with that task in mind. So, if you’re eager to revitalise your life and streamline your business, read on to find out how I can cut through the chaos to offer clarity to your vision.

Who am I to be offering you these things?

Well, I have extensive experience within a vast array of different industries, sectors and occupations. I’ve obtained a degree in computing, and then a masters in business management. I held a number of responsible positions within the steel industry, various private limited companies, a martial arts school and an environmental charity.

What will you gain from working with me?


By analysing where you currently are in all areas of your life or business, then envisioning where you would like to be, we can start thinking about how you’re going to get there. You will be crystal clear about your next steps!


It’s essential that we aim for balance at all times, to lead an effective life. That includes how much time we spend on structured or creative tasks. Structure supports creativity, which helps you move forward!


By getting everything out of your head and into a system that you can trust, you will be free of the many subsconscious pulls on your attention. You will be free to put your focused attention to the task at hand, for better results.

Sound Good? GREAT! You can book a free Discovery Call by clicking the lovely button below.


Still scrolling? You’re a tough customer! Check these out…

David’s passion, honesty and organisational skills to drive projects forward have been a pleasure to be part of and witness.
David’s management skills during the turbulent time of our office move were exceptional and made the process run smoothly.
Over the last 5 years I have witnessed David develop his strong project management skills. His methodical mind combined with his creative approach to engage different audiences is extremely valuable to any organisation.

Joanne Wilkes, Creative Engagement

I absolutely recommend David and the Purpose in Action programme to any soulpreneur seeking support. I’ve been working with David since late last year and the changes have been stellar. After 5 years of being self-employed I finally feel that I have a business. I have a team, I have support, I have accountability and I have direction. Making the investment in my business – both financially and energetically – has opened up new possibilities and horizons. Thank you David!

Gayatri Beegan, Tantra Massage Training

David is a rare jem! He brings such a down to earth approach to what can seem a daunting tangled mess. He guides gently and steadily to the places I try to hide from myself, and then probes fearlessly until I crack. Still then he’s there to hold and encourage until the illumination inherent in my blind spots come into view.
A course of sessions with David is not an easy ride, but a very fruitful one.
Practically, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in systems and organisational tools that have helped me to focus on the real work I do, knowing that everything is running smoothly in the background.

Cat Nightingale, Dakini Cat

What David’s offering is so needed. It’s the kind of thing that everybody needs to realize they need. Surrender and flow simply ain’t cutting it if we want to build a proper business.
I’m super grateful for his contributions to my business, and for what he’s contributed to our overall operation. It’s not always been easy, but David persisted in his efforts.
He can really help you, folks. For the idealistic flowsters out there who think that everything will just automagically work out if you “follow your bliss”, David is your guy. Because you’re dreaming, folks, and you’re headed for disappointment.

Eivind Skjellum, Reclaim Your Inner Throne

David is really good with what he does.
He has been helping me with my project management system, policies and procedures, determining priorities, training and hiring staff, brainstorming future directions, and has been an excellent sound board.
Highly recommended !

Eyal Matsliah, Intimate Power

David is a god send. He helped me to sort through the chaos of projects I was working on and set up my business to be more effective. Using some great cutting edge technologies and tried and tested methods of effectiveness, I felt well taken care of and have seen big positive progress and reduction of stress from Dave’s help. His pragmatic approach and advice on project management really helped me to get thing done. I would recommend anyone looking to get organized and effective with your lifestyle and business, do some work with Dave.

David’s ability to hold space and see through to the reality of the matter has been a great help to me personally and professionally, guiding me through a tough patch. His ability to organise people and projects has been of great benefit to me as well as others I know.
I’m pleased to say that I know if ever I’m in need, I can reach out to David and he will provide his signature sage guidance, bringing a personal connection and humour in to lighten to mood when appropriate.

James Roper, James Roper Print

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