How to Fuel Your Income, Influence and Impact and Do Good in the World 2018-11-16T11:15:23+00:00

How to Fuel Your Income, Influence and Impact and Do Good in the World

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This workbook is for you if you want to know:

  • How to identify your unique offering and differentiate yourself in the market
  • How to CREATE MORE CLIENTS by being clear on your unique offering
  • Have more energy to jump out of bed in the morning, INSPIRED to get into the day
  • How to be assured that you’re doing the RIGHT WORK and enough of it
  • Discover how to get more of your best work done in LESS TIME

Creator of

David battled through depression, anxiety, feeling lost and all with dwindling resources for many years. He decided that enough was enough and he would no longer allow himself to be a victim to circumstances.

He’s figured out a way through this to a place of focus, direction and having built a business that allows him to play to his unique strengths whilst paying him well for his efforts.

This FREE workbook is designed to help you start down the path David has carved out. It will allow you to start creating the clarity needed to become the “purpose-driven business owner” we all have the capacity to become, RIGHT NOW!

David usually charges £1,500 to £8,000 to work with clients but this workbook reveals the exact same methods to you for FREE!

I’m having a great time working with David Schofield on his 7-day programme.
I came into it looking for ways to grow up and be a better man. His dedication and mustard-keen-ness has impressed me; his suggestions have surprised me.
In a world seemingly devoid of rites-of-passage, David is crafting powerful courses and offering some seriously deep encouragement and inspiration to men (and women) in his evolving approach.
I recommend this especially to older men – perhaps set in their ways and seeking some meaningful uplift – who can benefit from a new, refreshing and uncompromising view.

Carl Munson, That Day In October

David’s tailored support has been validating of the path I am on, while also helping me to identify the missing pieces of the picture I am creating, that I couldn’t see myself.

With his guidance I have been able to:
– connect with my strengths, some of which I had long forgotten or taken for granted without appreciating or accessing their benefits
– stepped into my personal power, enabling me to create a bigger vision than I had thought possible
– identify my vulnerabilities and find ways to work with them so they are not self-sabotaging
– create my personal mission, vision and purpose for my work that has helped me to identify new ways of working that I had not considered before
– be prepared to stand by my commitments to myself without fear by connecting with my inner warrior

Charlie Mitchell, The healers' sanctuary