You Need To Know About This Law NOW – GDPR

The GDPR is here to stay!

By now, those of you in Europe have likely seen and possibly become concerned about the General Data Protection Regulation, which is going live on 25th May 2018.

You may be concerned that you will lose your ability to reach your clients via email and bring in new business. I’m not going to lie to you – it is a real possibility. But there are damage control measures that you can take. It all depends on how many manual sign-ups you have on your list.

What do I mean by manual sign-ups? Well, perhaps someone attended an event you hosted so you assumed they’d want to be on your list. Or perhaps someone else couldn’t figure out Mailchimp, so asked you to do it for them.

Either way, if anyone but themselves has entered the contact details and pressed the “Sign up” button, there’s a chance you could lose them from your list.

Well don’t fear, I can help.

My recommendation is to send out a series of emails over the next month and a half. They should be as follows:

  1. Give an inspired overview of your past activities and what’s coming up for your business this next year, then briefly explain the implications of GDPR on continuing to send them emails about all of this exciting stuff.
  2. Followed by 2 reminders, the last one a week before the cut off date (25th May).

Of course, you will need a system to allow these manually added people to “opt in”, ensuring the rest of your list is safe, then merging the two after 25th May.

That’s where I can come in. If mapping out the technicality of this process feels like it will be more hassle to you that its worth, then get in touch and we can sort it out, no worries.

Be well.

Are you in?

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