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In 2007, everything had started to change. Catalysed by a series of chance meetings and incendiary life experiences, I began to question what I was doing with my life, and why I was pursuing the course I was.

I realised that in spite of all that I’d achieved, up until that point I had been treading water. Prompted by my family, my education, the media and an unspoken social contract that I didn’t always agree with – I had been employing my skills to carve out an existence based upon other people’s values and expectations. When I examined my life closely, the fruits of my labours tasted lifeless and insipid. Something had to give – and I concluded that that something was me.

New Beginnings

Driven by a determination to embrace a new modality – one defined by purpose, and the desire to make an authentic contribution to the wider world – I faced my fears to embark on a bolder path. I founded the Sustainable Housing project and The Local Veg Box C.I.C in the city of Manchester; deploying my organisational skills in the service of a greater good.

In time these grew into thriving, collaborative social ventures that helped many people in the communities they served. I trained intensively in the martial arts, devoured materials related to psychology, self-development and spiritual expansion – and truly committed to my creative development for the first time since my early teens.

I have continued in this vein ever since – always keeping one eye out for new avenues of exploration, whilst digging deep for intuitive nourishment. I won’t lie to you – it’s been a rocky road – the terrain I’ve traversed has often been challenging and unstable; and if you’re to realise your potential, you’ll likely find the same – but as a product of this process, I have achieved a deep sense of focus and humility. I became acutely aware of the beauty apparent in all experiences, and observed the power our perception has to manifest our greatness when successfully harnessed.

Your own journey won’t be an easy one – nothing worth achieving ever is – but if you’re ready to take to the road (or are already moving along it) I believe that I can offer a stabilising hand and point a finger towards brighter horizons. Click the button below to book a FREE informal Discovery Session – and lets take these first steps together.

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