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The 15 Rules of OUR Revolution



We take full responsibility for ourselves.

We cannot blame others for anything going on in our lives. Our lives are entirely of our making. We may have had a tough start. We may be facing prejudice. But we can all, always stand up and do something about it. We know that our life is our responsibility and look to take that responsibility in every possible way – for our actions, our words, our thoughts, our projections and reaction. They’re ours alone!


When we are strong, we take responsibility for our community.

We are here to be of service to the people around us. In our own unique and exceptional way. Whether we have identified a grand Purpose or not, we can give to our community now. But we are best placed to do that when we have a basic level of stability in our own lives. Money is not a problem to come by, relationships are fulfilling, we are seeking ways to improve ourselves. In this case, we are strong enough to give to others.


When we aren’t strong, we ask for the support of our community.

Sometimes life will be tough and we should recognise if we are struggling and need some support. We must show the humility and courage to show our vulnerability to others. In so doing, the bonds between us become much greater and capable of withstanding great hardship, leading to the achievement of great things!


We are committed to staying in connection.

Sometimes we may fall out, we may not understand or care about each others’ points of view. However, if we succumb to this and disengage, we are allowing community to dissolve. We must be committed to staying in that uncomfortable moment with one another. Making sure that we are 100% committed to retaining the relationship, no matter what.


We will be resilient in pursuit of our goals.

The world needs us to do our job and bring change. It will be tough. But we are inspired enough by our goals that we will be carried through, unyieldingly focused on achieving our Purpose. Some definitions of “kung fu” is “resilience” or “hard work”. We must be the black belts of our lives. Nothing stands in our way. We always have the support of our community to help lighten the load.


We seek to develop ourselves as broadly as possible.

A diversity of experience and knowledge brings wisdom. The wise person is someone who has been through the trials of life and gained many such experiences. They have studied to refine their way of thinking and gain understanding. They have trained their body to support their work. They have taken care of their emotions. They have experienced beauty in its many forms. They have traveled and embraced difference – both within themselves and within others.


We will remain grounded in material reality.

We have basic needs that must be met in order for our lives to be fulfilling. Eating, sleeping, breathing, moving, gaining a basic financial foundation. These are all aspects of life that we must get in order, so that we are in the best position to focus on the things that inspire us. Without meeting these needs, we become ungrounded and incapable of making any impact.


We will seek to be inspired by something greater than ourselves.

Focusing our own little world can be really very unfulfilling. IF we focus solely on little us, we become stagnant quickly. We must set audacious goals for ourselves, seek to solve major problems in our community and society. By doing so, we are drawn forward, we find ourselves more energised and we feel empowered to have much greater impact.


We seek to be balanced in our words, thoughts & actions.

We will sometimes be drawn into reaction. This is OK. It’s an opportunity for us to recognise an area for growth within ourselves. From the awareness we gain through paying attention in this way, we can choose to take a more balanced approach to life. Less chaos. More order. With space created for imagination and intuition.


We will seek to bring harmony to our environment.

Where we perceive disharmony, we seek to improve the situation. Harmony is a natural state of being that is indicative of a well functioning organism. We seek to bring ourselves into harmony with the rest of nature, by first seeking to come into harmony with our own nature, then encouraging this all around us.


We will keep an open mind – recognising that everyone has something to teach us.

Within every perspective there is Truth. Something that we could not have glimpsed were it not for the input of an other. We must look, in every interaction, for that gold, that unique perspective that could enrich our own awareness and ability to function in the world as a sovereign and highly effective operator.


We seek to leave the world better off than we found it.

Do no harm. If you do harm, seek to make amends. If you cannot make amends, remain open to a time when closure can be achieved. Consider in every action, what the impact will be on seven generations hence. For, in that way, we will ensure to leave the planet better off for our inheritors.


We take serious action.

The only way to push boundaries and to make the impossible, possible is by taking action. We never know until we try, we never master until we break through. We determine to take action in every area of our lives.


We will try our best, at all times, to love one another, because we know that we’re all just doing the best we can.

We’re all fallible humans. We are all imperfect. We will make mistakes. We will hurt people. We will need to apologise and hope that our apology is accepted. We must treat others with the same charity. We need one another. Forgive each other for your silliness.


We aspire to become the elders that our world sorely needs.

We have a deep down belief that every individual was created for a purpose, a secret dream to be fulfilled. We also know that each one of us has secret dreams surrounding the incredible future of our communities. If every single individual was created to do something awesome then those who make up a community are created to do something awesome too. We are a catalyst for life change wherever we set our feet, we bring people together, communities together and we exist to determine two key questions:
How can we change our community? And How can our community change the world?

Are you in?